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Simple Squad

Have you ever wondered who are the people that push Simple Longboards on a daily basis?

Where those folks come from and what else they do besides longboarding? 

Simple Legends

competition results

achievements of our squad members at several contests over the last years

Hamburg Longboard Open 2021

1st place - Philipp Baumann
2nd place - Tobias Holtgräwe

best trick:
1st place - Sven Schiefer

So..You Can Longboard Dance 2018

Best Trick:

2nd place - Sven Schiefer

Marijn on the Podium at sycld

So..You Can Longboard Dance 2017

Open Sponsored:
3rd place - Marijn Floris Smit

3rd place - Deborah Keser

Debbie celebrating her victory

So..You Can Longboard Dance 2016

World Champion:
1st place - Deborah Keser

Best Trick:
2nd place - Marijn Floris Smit

Best G-Turn:
2nd place - Luutse Brouwer

Debbie on the sycld podium

So..You Can Longboard Dance 2015

3rd place - Deborah Keser

Nose Manual Jeff

So..You Can Longboard Dance 2014

World Champion:
Jeff Ellis

1st place - Deborah Keser
2nd place - Melanie Golz
3rd place - Femke Bosma