New Video: Spicy Vibes


For years Philipp and Tobi have been developing their own and individual trick repertoire.

We finally managed to get them together for a weekend and learn and inspire each other with their endless style.


Philipp, originally from Hamburg, is based in Würzburg at the moment. Since he is the only active rider around he invited his skate-buddy Tobi from Cologne to spend a weekend together. 


Full of pure joy, riding, resting and filming. Würzburg turns out to have great spots for the styles of Philipp and Tobi. 


Edina light flex - Paris Trucks - Fat Free Wheels

aka Philipp Bauman Pro Setup

Edina medium flex - Station Trucks - Fat Free Wheels & Debbie Signature Grip


Enjoy, learn and take a look at this classic kind of tape.