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Edina Complete
Flex: Light | Setup: NEW Petra Pro Setup - Caliber III & Blood Orange Wheels (66mm/82A)
our newest creation forged in our workshop by experienced shapers, the Edina is a mash up of our classic boards paired with plenty innovations, new layup and a well known shape the longboard world loves and keeps copying. right in between our Platypus with 127cm and our Mini Platypus with 109cm the Edina meassures 118cm nose to tail. ShapeOur classic asymmetrical shape which got shortened a bit around the waist to fit the length of the Edina.Of course we kept all the good things like, no wheelbites, tailored waist, Platy-shaped nose, straight tail,.....ConcaveLots of it !the radial concave on the Edina is perfect for flicking your flips and keeping you stable while throwing down some Peter-Pans or Cross-Steps.It's noticeable throughout the whole board, starting right after the truck-wholes and mellowing out in the centre.chopped Camberwe redeveloped our already successful camber known from our Platypus to fit modern freestyle needs.the result is a very controllable board that supports you during landings and encourages your dancing with the extra shot of energy know from classic camber boards. With our newly developed chopped camber even pumping is possible, although you would never suggest it after looking at it. Construction Method/Layupwe changed out the 3layer birch-ply for another 1 layer sheet of bamboo, making it our first full bamboo board, which we reinforce with different kinds of glassfibre and carbon fibre, so the kicks stay stiff while the subtle flex can do it's work in between the wheelbase.KicksWhen it comes to the kicks we recalculated the apex point and stuffed in even more reinforcement material to make the pop really fast and snappy. Our new layup ensures stiffer kicks and longer lasting pop, which makes it perfect for high popped tricks.Due to the new fibres used, you can stomp your flips without worrying about the durability of the board underneath your feet. list of improvements full bamboo layup no premade birch - no delam several different kinds of reinforcement material stronger kicks steeper kick angle newly calculated apex point faster pop more durable chopped camber architecture more concave SPECSLength: 118 cm / 46 1/2 ”Width: 21,5 cm - 23 cm / 8,4" - 9″Wheelbase: 73,5 cm / 28 3/4″Kicks: 14 cm / 5,1″Construction: bamboo, glass, carbon, mahogany. FLEXLight ( < 70 kg )Medium ( >70 kg )

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Mini Phlatypus Complete
Flex: Light | Setup: Philipp Pro Setup - Paris V3 & Orang'A'Tang Fat Frees (66mm/80A)
The Mini is made for freestyle-dancing. We made it with the same lay-up as the Platypus, only shorter, wider and instead of a full camber we added a bit of a rocker to top it off It is light, has a good pop and because of that it has endless possibilities. SPECSLength: 111 cm / 43 ”Width: 23,5 cm / 9,25″Wheelbase: 69 cm / 27.1″Kicks: 14,75 cm / 5,80”Weight: 1.2/1.5 kgFLEXLight (<50 – 70 kg)Medium (70 - >90 kg)

Platy+ Complete
Flex: Stiff | Setup: Philipp Pro Setup - Paris V3 & Orang'A'Tang Fat Frees (66mm/80A)
Inspired by boards such as the Loaded Dancer and LBL's OSD. The Platy+ is an oldskool monster. 148 cm long, 23 cm wide.It's a lot of fun for people that like oldskool surfstyle and don't care about being the quickest.We kept the board simple with a bit of concave and a bit of camber and two kicktails.SPECSLength: 148 cm / 58,2″Width: 23 cm / 9,05″Wheelbase: 104 cm / 40,9″Kicks: 16 cm / 6,2″Concave: 1 cm / 0.4 inFLEXLight (<50 – 80 kg)Medium (80 – >100 kg)

Platypus Complete
Flex: Medium | Setup: Philipp Pro Setup - Paris V3 & Orang'A'Tang Fat Frees (66mm/80A)
The board that started it all. Bamboo, birch, glass, carbon and mahogany molded with concave, a camber, and two solid kicktails. Simple is beautiful. SPECS Length: 127 cm / 50 ” Width: 23 cm / 9,05″ Wheelbase: 84 cm / 33″ Kicks: 13 cm / 5,1″ Construction: bamboo, birch, glass, carbon, mahogany. FLEX Light (<50 – 60 kg) Medium (60 – 90 kg) Stiff (80 – >90 kg)


Petra Kostyal Pro Setup

NEW: featuring Caliber III raked version

Petra's favorite setup is now available for purchase as a complete.
She rides the following:

Trucks: Caliber III 10" - 50 deg - raked - color: black
  • Hanger width is 184mm (10")
  • Newly designed, widened hanger supports for increased strength
  • Venom 90A High Performance Formula Plug Barrel bushings
  • 50º contained Baseplates 
  • Raked hanger provides increased turn and a generally more lively feeling ride

Wheels: Blood Orange Morgan Pro Midnight 65mm Wheels - color : Maroon
  • diameter 65mm
  • round lips
  • durometers: 82A
  • color: maroon

Philipp trick down a stair

Philipp Baumann Pro Setup

Philipp rides the following:

Trucks: Paris V3 - 10" - 50 deg
  • Hanger width is 184mm (10")
  • 50º baseplates 
  • matte black

Wheels: Orang'A'Tang Fat Free 66mm Wheels - Color : Orange
  • diameter 66mm
  • round lips
  • durometers: 80A
  • color: orange