ordering from the United States?

drop us a message before you order. we currently have a limited amount of boards located within the US for fast and cheaper shipping.

handmade in Austria

One board, two trucks, four wheels, a cup of coffee, a big dose of imagination and the world as your playground.

It's Simple.

It always has been.





Our newest creation the Edina is a mashup of our classic boards, paired with plenty of innovations.




Oldskool surfing is everything you want to do on this one and a half meter board. Everything else should be regarded as suicide.





Pretty much everything we ever wanted to build. The Platypus is simple, elegant and tough as nails. Perfection.




The original mini-dancer. The Mini Platypus was made to bridge the gap between dancing and freestyle.




Plastic sucks. Put a Yusuf in your backpack and you’ll be ready to pop an ollie! Anytime, anywhere!