handmade in Austria - shipping worldwide
It's Simple - It always has been
all boards lined up in mahogany veneer
Longboard leaning on some logs
all boards lined up in  smoked oak veneer
tulip wood veneer on a dancing board
all boards lined up in tulip wood veneer

handmade in Austria - perfect for longboard dancing & freestyle

One board, two trucks, four wheels, a cup of coffee, a big dose of imagination and the world as your playground.

It's Simple.

It always has been.


Oldskool surfing is everything you want to do on this one and a half meter board. Everything else should be regarded as suicide.


Pretty much everything we ever wanted to build. 
The Platypus is simple, elegant and tough as nails.


Our newest creation the Edina is a mashup of our classic boards, paired with plenty of innovations.


The original mini-dancer.
The Mini Phlatypus was made to bridge the gap between dancing and freestyle.


Plastic sucks.
Put a Yusuf in your backpack and you’ll be ready to pop an ollie!
Anytime, anywhere!

building boards for longboard dancing since 2012

Simple was the first longboard company in the game with only dance and freestyle boards in the line up. Five years ago our workshop was moved from the Netherlands to Austria and yet to this day everything is still handmade like we started 10 years ago. Of course we improved and refined the processes but we stay true to our core values that our hands are the most versatile tools we can use in our daily business.

To us, shaping is a form of art and every single board we craft reflects the passion we put into our work. 
Longboard dancing is our passion, our hobby and we strive to make the sport more popular everyday.