Welcome Sven Schiefer

Sven Schiefer Zürich/Switzerland native, born in 1990.

His unique style blends together traditional freestyle skating from the early days with modern dancing and freestyle elements.
the result is a flow of creativity which in his mind is never ending.

Sven is one of those skaters that simply don't mess up anything, he just takes another turn/spin/step and follows a new path down his endless repertoire. 

Sven and I met in Eindhoven during SYCLD 2014, and connected instantly due to our passion for g-turns and manuals.
funny thing is that it took us another year until we found out we actually both speak some different version of German.

Our friendship started to grow but it took us several years until we finally had the chance to meet at a different place than Eindhoven.
Squad Member Philipp Baumann invited Sven to visit the Simple HQ with him during his Europe trip and they both cam to visit and we spent an amazing time together.

As a present for our dear swiss guest we shaped and pressed a unique board which is completely tailored to his needs and his extraordinary style of riding. 
Up until now we haven't named the board yet nor did we decide if it ever will hit regular production.
Fact is Sven loves it and that makes us happy. -End

Welcome to the team Sven