This video tries to show you some of the basics steps used in longboard dancing.

It starts at the absolute basic level and works a little bit up to some more advanced steps. 

Still, almost everything is based on the simple cross-step.

No fancy board manipulation or technical wizardry.  Just walking on the board.


Board: Simple Platypus, Randal 180's, Orangatang 86a Stimulus

Music: The Album Leaf -- Red-Eye

Love what you do, do what you love. It's simple. It always has been. 

An hour of skating with Luutse Brouwer on the Simple Platypus.
For more info, check out: There will be cake too!

Finally. Spring is here and I already had an amazing session in Amsterdam! It was still a little bit windy that day, but I could skate in my t-shirt! I love spring!

Filmed by Roderick van Dijken (of which you'll see a video soon!).

Setup: Simple Platypus, Randal 180, Orangatang Stimulus 86a

Music: Sea Wolf - You're a wolf

Simple Longboards all started with a video: "I love this". It was shot in an hour with a new board, what would later become the Platypus. Skipping forward 8 months and the Platypus is being shipped all over the world, to places and people I haven't even dreamed of. It's amazing what such a simple video can do.

A couple of days ago I found myself skating alone on this spot. Again, with a camera and a tripod. And I still love this!

Check out 'I love this' here:

Setup: Simple Platypus, Randal 180's (stock bushings), Cult Converters 70mm, 85a

Music: The Album Leaf - Thule

Do what you love, love what you do! /

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams. Wandering by lone sea-breakers and sitting by desolate streams." Skating through the wasted land of Amsterdam. The abandoned buildings and empty streets. Where everything seems forgotten and all is lost, it seems.  

Filmed and edited by: Peter Lahr

Setup: Simple Platypus, Randal RII 180, Abec11 ZigZags 66mm

Music: Hidden Orchestra - Antiphon

It's not necessarily about what you do, it's more about how and why you do it. Poetry in Motion.

Under the vapor of nuclear power and in the middle of an, by industry dictated landscape, lies a Ghost Town. 'Doel', a town for which the reason for being no longer exists, where only a few people remain, is slowly falling apart.

Setup: Mini Platypus, Randal 180's, Abec11 Zigzags 70mm

Music: Alt-J - Tessellate

9.30 AM - started filming. 9.30 PM - uploading video.

From start to finish this video took 12 hours of work. A short (and quick) introduction to the V2.  

Board: Simple Platypus V2

Music: Phantogram - When I'm Small.

Skating on the spot where everything began. My first cross-steps, my first peter-pans, my first videos. From before.

Setup: Simple Platypus // Randal RII 180 // O'tang Stimulus 83a

Music : I am oak - Palpable

The Platy+ will definitely be our new board. At the moment, we don't have a release date yet as the board is still in prototype form. This was the first day I could ride it, so don't expect too much from it.

Filmed by Peter Lahr (

Music: I am Oak - Don't I Know Enough


Deck: Platy+

Trucks: Randal RII 180mm black

Wheels: O'tang FatFree 80a

Jeff Ellis, European Longboard Dancing champion is showing off some of his amazing incredible one-of-a-kind unique never-seen-before fantastic tricks. The most humble person, one of the best longboard dancers. Jeff is cool. I like him!

I don't have to write an introduction to Femke and Marte. These girls are absolutely killing it and raising the standard every day. We are very proud that they ride on our boards and we're sure we will see great things from them in the future!

Music by: Matthew and the Atlas - Pale Sun Rose

Filmed and edited by: Peter Lahr

Additional filming by: Luutse Brouwer

Last month Jongbin Jo from South Korea came to The Netherlands and Peter Lahr had the chance to film with him. This are his words: 

"It was a pleasure to film with him. We visited Amsterdam for this film but the weather didn’t allow us, it started raining like hell. We visited an indoor spot, and filmed the whole thing there in less than 3 hours. Amazing what this guy can do in such a short time."

Sorry for the long wait. We've been working on something special!

Film by: Peter Lahr

Skater: Jongbin Jo

Music: Lykke Li - Rich Kids Blues.

For the past year I've been exploring the limits of a 150 cm longboard. I came up with a lot of new tricks and finally took some time to film a new video part. Enjoy the next trick-heavy two minutes.

Filmed by the amazing Peter Lahr, who coincidally started his own clothing brand: Wasted Hours. Check it out and support my local hero!


Platy+ (medium flex)

Randal 180mm (Red Khiro Barrel, Paris Cone)

Abec11 Zigzags 70mm


The Broken Broadcast - This is my Wilderness.

Our South-Korean prodigy absolutely rips on the Platypus and the Mini Platypus. Insane to watch as always as he breezes through this abandoned themepark as though it's nothing.

Rider: Jongbin Jo

Deck: Platypus // Mini Platypus

Music: Justice - Dyno

Produced by: Cacao Rang // Jungmin Chae

Directed, filmed & edited by Peter Lahr.

Starring Marijn Floris Smit and his Mini Platypus

Music: Woodkid - I Love You

@simplelongboards // @peterlahr // @mfsmit

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Gear used for this film:

Canon 550d

Canon EF-S 18-55MM 1:3.5-5.6 IS

Samyang 8mm F/3.5 Fisheye MC CSII

Xiro Xplorer V Drone


Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Adobe After Effects CS5.5

Adobe Photoshop CS5.1


@simplelongboards //

@wastedhoursclothing //

@fireballwheels //

Special thanks to the organisation of King Of The Jungle 2017 for making the premiere possible last Friday. Also, Kim Rutgers for the additional oldskool varial flip shot.

B-sides coming soon.