Phlatypus a.k.a the rocker'd twin


you read right, there's no typo in the name.

the Phlatypus is the rocker'd twin of the platypus.

We switched out the camber with a mellow rocker, which makes the board more stable and solid for dancing.
If the active flex of the Platypus is not your cup of coffee, try out the Phlatypus with it's passive absorbing flex.



Length: 127 cm / 50 ”

Width: 23 cm / 9,05″

Wheelbase: 84 cm / 33″

Kicks: 13 cm / 5,1″

Construction: bamboo, birch, glass, carbon, mahogany.




Light: 2050g
Medium: 2270g

Stiff: 2500g



Medium (50 – 70 kg)

Stiff (65 – >90 kg)


219,00 €

  • 2,5 kg
  • in Stock
  • Ships in 5-8 days

Simple Longboards

One board, two trucks, four wheels, a big dose of imagination and the world as your playground. It's Simple. It always has been.


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