choose your board, and one of the options below for a complete setup.

Complete Upgrade



Paris V2 180 Matt Black Trucks

  • Hanger width is 180mm, axle width is 245mm.
  • 50º Base plates 


Orangatang Fat Free Wheels

  • diameter 65mm
  • round lips
  • durometers: 80A
  • color: orange



149,00 €

  • Ships in 5-8 days

Complete Upgrade - Mini-Cruiser

 Yusuf only!


Element Trucks (TKP)

  • Hanger width 85mm.
  • TKP Trucks


Walzen "Kiosk" Wheels 

  • diameter 60mm
  • round lips
  • durometer: 80A



150,00 €

Simple Longboards

One board, two trucks, four wheels, a big dose of imagination and the world as your playground. It's Simple. It always has been.


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