Inspired by boards such as the Loaded Dancer and LBL's OSD. The Platy+ is an oldskool monster. 148 cm long, 23 cm wide. It's a lot of fun for people that like oldskool surfstyle and don't care about being the quickest. ... (Read More)
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  our newest creation forged in our workshop by experienced shapers, the Edina is a mash up of our classic boards paired with plenty innovations, new layup and a well known shape the longboard world loves and keeps copying. rig ... (Read More)
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  The board that started it all. Bamboo, birch, glass, carbon and mahogany molded with concave, a camber, and two solid kicktails. Simple is beautiful.   SPECS Length: 127 cm / 50 ” Width: 23 ... (Read More)
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Phlatypus a.k.a the rocker'd twin
  you read right, there's no typo in the name. the Phlatypus is the rocker'd twin of the platypus. We switched out the camber with a mellow rocker, which makes the board more stable and solid for dancing. If the acti ... (Read More)
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Mini Platypus made for freestyle-dancing. We made it with the same lay-up as the Platypus, only shorter, wider and instead of camber we added a bit of rocker. It is light, has a good pop and because of that it has endless ... (Read More)
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Whether you're going to the supermarket, backpacking around the country or just want to shred the streets. The Yusuf holds up to all of it. A Simple streetcruiser deisgned for all terrain. SPECS Length: 70 cm / 27,5″ ... (Read More)
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