New Video: Spicy Vibes
new video out now - passionate and creative combos with Philipp and Tobi.

Philipp Baumann Pro Setup
We are happy to introduce Philipp's choice of Wheels and Trucks as a full complete setup.

A Longboard video made with passion and joy. Squadmember Philipp Baumann went to Switzerland to work on a second part for his Simple Journey. Together with friend and videographer Elias Koch he managed to explore some very unique roads up in the mountains. Sit back, dream and enjoy riding and carving through a breathtaking scenery. Huge thanks to Elias Koch for hosting and guiding Philipp along. Rider: Philipp Baumann @philipptreeman Setup: Platypus (medium) Paris Trucks Orangatangwheels...

PLAY LOVE SHARE, that’s what our SimpleSquad Members do when they spend a day together.

our newest edition to celebrate one year of The Platypus Café

Sven Schiefer Zürich/Switzerland native, born in 1990. His unique style blends together traditional freestyle skating from the early days with modern dancing and freestyle elements. the result is a flow of creativity which in his mind is never ending.

ˈlɑi̯neˣ/, [ˈlɑi̯ne̞(ʔ)] noun - 1. a long curling wave of water 2. introduction video for Teemu, our newest addition to the Simplesquad

we planned to shoot this video a while ago but all of a sudden traveling wasn't possible anymore and Marco was under a serious lockdown in his hometown Rimini. When restrictions ended he took his Edina , went out and shot his new vid.

new full complete option available on the webshop now - recommended by our squad member Petra Kostyal

Simple 2020 line up - classic design - improved core

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