Simple Veneer Variations

color doesn't matter

Don't get us wrong, we love our mahagony veneer, but we want to spice up our color game a little bit.


That's why we decided to use different veneers like mahagony, ash, oak, alder, walnut, olive,...

Every batch series of boards we put on the webshop will feature a different veneer and the current veneer we use will be displayed on the webshop. 


to celebrate the opening of our workshop in Austria, we decided to go with some local ash veneer for the first batch.

get yours while they are still fresh and hot out of the press.


before you may come up with any concerns, rest assured that we carefully test every choice of veneer to make sure it won't change the shape nor the feel how our boards ride. ;)


It's Simple.

It always has been.

Simple Longboards

One board, two trucks, four wheels, a big dose of imagination and the world as your playground. It's Simple. It always has been.


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