Shipping days

It's going to be a busy week for me and for UPS.  (like always) Today, tomorrow and friday I have pick-ups planned. Platypusses, Platy+'s and Mini's are leaving the workshop and it's going to be pretty empty again. It took a little longer than intended because I had an interesting problem at the workshop. I've learned that varnish 40+ boards in a semi-closed room (without proper ventilation) isn't a great idea at all. I forced the people working above me to vacate to another area and had to hold production until a proper area for varnishing was made. It took a while, but I have my room. Thank Jonathan! Today I also dropped of a load of boards at the factory and hopefully I will get these back pretty soon. It still can take about 6 to 8 weeks after payment before the board gets shipped. Simply because there are a lot of steps between ordering material and putting the final piece of tape on the box. I'm still adjusting to the rhythm between me and the factory, but it's going better then expected. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures! But this is it for now!

17th of March 2015

I've decided to start this production blog to make the day-to-day activities of Simple a little bit more insightful. It's not easy to keep everyone involved in every step of production. Like I stated a couple of times, I'm just one guy. I'm everything from the designer to the builder to the cleaning lady. Every board goes through my hands numerous times during the production process and this just takes a lot of time. So it's difficult to give frequent updates. Hence this blog. I will try to write something once every two/three days, just to keep everybody who ordered a board a bit more up-to-date. Today I pressed a couple of boards and this will go on until thursday. Then I will drive the boards to the factory where they will be shaped. But that's a later story! Cheers! Luutse

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