The story so far…

Update 04-12-2013

We’ve been busy. E-mailed almost everyone back. Most of you responded. A great deal already paid. The bamboo is ordered. The rest of the materials is present. Built two more molds for the Mini Platypus. Let’s do this!


Update 26-11-2013

Hey guys, Just a little update for you all! The last week Kimmy has been working overtime to e-mail everyone about their board. This is still in progress so if you haven’t recieved an e-mail yet, don’t worry. It will come! Meanwhile I found a new supplier of bamboo and veneers. Which is really really great. With that I have more control over what kind of mahogany veneer we’re using on the boards. My goal was always to choose dark reddish wood and it’s all coming back again! I’m glad…read more


Doing the math.

a lot of administration

Wow, you guys on the waitinglist literally blew us away with so many responses as to whether you would still like a board. Today I e-mailed the first couple of people but it it going to take a while. So please don’t worry if you aren’t getting a quick reply. Doing everything as fast as we can!